Maximum power, maximum color.
    That's precisely what the new Prolycht Orion 675 FS LED full spectrum spotlight
    delivers in a single robust fixture that is built for Film and TV professionals.
    The Prolycht Orion 675 FS is The New Standard.


Light  Aperture40 mm /  1.57", without modifiers
Beam Angle 80°  Half Peak Angle, without modifiers
Weight9.5kg  / 21 lbs  without yoke
12kg / 26 lbs with yoke
30kg / 66 lbs full loaded hard-rolling case 
Mounting & Handling Quick - Release Angled Yoke with 360° Tilt Lock,
28 mm Spigot
Accessory MountBowens  S with extra strengthening structures
Optional attachmentFresnel Lens (15˚- 50˚)
60'' Dome softbox
35'' Lantern softbox
Voltage Input Range100  - 240 V~, 50 - 60 Hz
Power 675  W Maximum, Built-in power unit
Color Quality CRI  Average > 97
TLCI Average > 95
TM-30 Average > 94
SSI: 84 @ 3200K, 74 @ 5600K
Mains Power Connection powerCON  TRUE1 TOP
   (Bare Ends / Schuko / Edison, Japanese, Chinese cables available)
Battery Connector 3-Pin  XLR Connector (Pin 1: Negative, Pin 2: Positive)
Battery DC Voltage Range 46 - 50 vdc
White Light Calibrated  1,800 K to 20,000 K with G/M adjustment
Color ControlFull  R+G+B+A+C+L Gamut
Seamless color tuning with HSI color wheel
Color tuning in CIExy color space (Rec. 709/Rec.2020/Full Gamut)
Matching 46 natural/artificial light sources
Emulating 318 Rosco/LEE Gels
19 Lighting effects with tunable parameters
6 - Pole Color Matrix Adjustment
LumenRadio CRMX wireless control
Ethernet / Art-Net
Bluetooth Mesh
Dimming0~100%  dimming, 1000 Steps, linear / exponential / logarithmic / S curve
Control OptionsFull  Color Control panel
5-Pin DMX in/out, 27 DMX modes
LAN port with Built-in Art - Net
ChromaLink App
Support 3rd party App control: Blackout, Luminair, and more
Fan ModeSilent,  Low Noise , Medium Speed, High Speed, Auto
Firmware UpgradeFirmware  upgradable via Flash Drive
Operating Temperature-20℃  to +40℃
IP RatingHigh  IP weather rated
Estimated L70 Lifetime50,000  hours


Photometric data

Illuiminance (lx)
Light ModifierBeam AngleCCTDistance (m)
3 m/9.8 ft5m/ 16.4ft7m/ 22.9 ft
Bare Light80˚
55˚  Reflector55˚5600K7,3802,5201,370
30˚  Reflector30˚5600K14,0004,4002,280
Fresnel Lens(Flood)50˚5600K5,2601,9801,140
Fresnel Lens(Spot)15˚5600K28,1009,8104,900
Fresnel Lens(Medium)30˚5600K18,1086,6903,390
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