Prolycht and Dedolight announce lighting technology collaboratio

Prolycht and Dedolight are delighted to annouce a new technology collaboration. Prolycht is the innovator of the new Hyperlight Color Engine, which utilizes the computer controlled mix of six color LED emitters to achieve an extremely accurate and wide color spectrum. Dedolight is creator of some of the all time best selling lighting instruments for professional motion picture, television, still photography, and architectural uses worldwide with advanced opto-mechanical designs which have earned two Technical Achievement Awards by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Users will enjoy previously unattainable levels of accuracy, control and performance as the two brands cooperate on cutting edge new lighting technology.
Earlier this year, Prolycht launched the Orion 300 FS, a powerful LED spotlight that revolutionizes professional lighting with its incredible full color spectrum output. By using multiple LEDs in six color precisely mixed togethere - red, green, blue, amber, cyan and lime (RGBACL) - the Hyperlight Color Engine at the core of the Orion 300 FS can reproduce light sources like sodium street lighting or candlelight which have traditionally been hard to emulate. This technology offers best-in-class color accuracy by eliminating the gaps in the spectrum found on other LED fixtures which result in unwanted or unexpected results.
In addition to their technical partnership, Prolycht has also appointed Dedo Weigert Film as exclusive distribution partner for Germany, Russia and the greater Eastern European territory. Dealers and users from Germany and Eastern Europe can now contact Dedo Weigert Film for information on where to purchase Prolycht lights and receive technical advice and support. Dedo Weigert Film will show the current range of Prolycht products on the company's booth at the IBC show in Amsterdam next month.
Based in Shenzhen, China, Prolycht is the brainchild of leading color scientist Dr. Anqing Liu, who set out to create a better LED light by using his many years of experience studying color reproduction and perceptual color. Dr. Liu was formerly a research scientist at Phillips and an academic at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. He contributed to the current CIE (International Commission on Illumination) standards which are used to evaluate lighting. Frustrated by the inferior color fidelity he saw on most professional LED lighting fixtures, Dr. Liu developed the Hyperlight Color Engine and founded Prolycht. The Orion 300 FS represents the current state of the are in tunable full spectrum LED Technology.
Dedo Wergert built the first Dedolight using the revolutionary optical principle of the dual lens concept in 1984. It went on to become the single best-selling lighting instrument for professional motion picture, television, still photography, and architectural uses worldwide. In 1990 Dedolight earned the Technical Achievement Award from the Oscar Committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Later, larger sizes of lights in both daylight and tungsten were introduced incorporating both a patented triple zoom focus and new patented Double Aspheric technology for further enhanced light output, tighter focusing range, and more even light and color distribution. Today Dedolight offer discharge, halogen and LED fixtures with the most accurate and precise shaping of light in the business.

Announcing the collaboration Dr. Anqing Liu said:
The partnership with Dedo Weigert Film is an important milestone in the growing of Prolycht. We have accomplished so much with our research and development on color and control, but we continually strive to offer our users the best possible experience. Mr. Dedo Weigert is the master of lighting whom I admire very much and his unique understanding of film and television lighting has kept his company at the very highest level of the industry for many years. I am full of expectations for the partnership with Dedo. When the Prolycht's color science meet Dedo's technologies magical things will happen.

Dedo Weigert said:
For an image creator, since early youth and DoP since the 60's, I lived and worked through endless obstacles of traditional tools and hindrances.
Apart from my over 30 international patents, we worked hard (over 10 years) , to create mono - and bicolor LED systems with optical properties for extreme focus range and perfect light and color distribution and utmost control, only to find, that even the most perfect light sources could not reproduce clean skin tones, since sensors of different cameras produce diverging skin tone interpretations. Finally, we were able to match with all different cameras, skin tones of all different origins with clean reference light.
But now, the perfect multi-color control of Prolycht opens a complete new world and the ability to match even mixed light and reflections - a dream come true for perfection and added creative potential beyond all the outstanding features of the Prolycht system.
The opportunity to support this by our optical achievements and potential is maybe the most promising creative partnership of my life.

Users can expect to see further product announcements from Dedolight and Prolycht starting in early 2022.

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