Aputure’s Prolycht Acquisition Marks A New Chapter For Lighting Technology


Aputure, the leader in film and television LED lighting, is excited to announce its latest milestone: the acquisition of Prolycht. This strategic union will fortify Aputure's legacy of groundbreaking film & TV lighting technology and heralds a transformative chapter for both companies.


Prolycht, acclaimed for its great strides in color science and software algorithms, will become an integral part of the Aputure family, infusing fresh momentum and innovation into the field of film lighting. Aputure's pursuit of cutting-edge excellence resonates with Prolycht's product offerings, bringing in an era of revolutionary advancements in color science for the film and television lighting landscape.


With this acquisition, Aputure will assume stewardship of Prolycht’s state-of-the-art color science and technical talent as the two companies now embark on a new collaborative journey together. 


IAN XIE, Founder & CEO of Aputure, stated, "The Prolycht acquisition marks a pivotal juncture for Aputure, reaffirming our unwavering commitment to shaping the future of film lighting technology. We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to the Prolycht team. Their expertise and passion align with Aputure's dedication to innovation and excellence. This union promises to enhance our competitive edge, particularly in the realm of color science and engineering breakthrough technology. This fusion of innovation and combined company culture will only further accelerate our ability to produce breakthrough product offerings."


Reflecting on the journey, ANQING LIU, Founder of Prolycht, shared, "Over the past six years, Prolycht has been a catalyst for innovation in film and television lighting technology. Tremendous efforts were taken for the development of color, sensing, optics, and control technologies that have redefined industry standards. Aputure has shaped our industry with great products, and always shared our goal of creating value for every filmmaker through innovation. Driven by this common philosophy we are certain Prolycht’s technology and spirit will live on in Aputure’s future products and technologies."

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